Legal Panel - Harry Herskowitz + Panelists

1. How inclusionary zoning requirements, and the community benefits charge framework, will
impact the development of new residential condominium projects---Calvin Lantz at
Stikeman Elliot LLP;

2. Recent caselaw involving the interference with existing easement rights and the issue of
competing existing easements within the same servient tenement, and whether
postponements of utility and telecommunication easements in favour of any outstanding or
proposed municipal easement really is necessary --- David Carter at Grechi Carter
Professional Corporation;

3. Indemnity provisions in the condominium declaration, and the condominium corporation's
chargeback and lien rights against non-compliant unit owners in the aftermath of Amlani v.
YCC 473 --- Melissa Jean-Gilles at Brattys LLP;

4. Tarion's Registrar's Bulletin #18, outlining the requirements for residential condominium
conversion projects with pre-existing elements, and correspondingly impacting proposed
residential condominiums which incorporate a heritage-preservation component --- Rodney
Ikeda at Goldman, Sloan, Nash & Haber LLP; and

5. The unfortunate collapse of the Surfside condominium in Florida, and how the mandatory
reserve fund requirements in Ontario's condominium legislation are designed to thwart and
obviate such a disaster, and who would be liable in the event that the condominium's reserve
fund is inadequate to prevent such a calamity --- Patricia Elia at Elia Associates.

10:45 - 11:45
2 March 2022


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