Marcy Burchfield

Marcy Burchfield

Vice President, Transit Planning, Metrolinx

Marcy has worked at the forefront of regional planning for nearly two decades influencing transportation, land use, environmental, and economic development policy using a unique placed-based, data driven lens to understand metropolitan scale problems. She is a champion of regional collaboration and respected for her ability to bring cross-sectoral stakeholders together.  
Prior to joining Metrolinx, Marcy was the Vice President of the Economic Blueprint Institute (EBI), a strategic initiative of the Toronto Region Board of Trade with a mandate to strengthen and influence its regional policy agenda through data driven insights. 

Marcy also led the Neptis Foundation, a think tank whose research and programming has influenced significant provincial policy files. To broaden the impact of the Foundation’s research, Marcy led the conceptualization and development of the Neptis Geoweb, a unique web-based mapping and informatics tool used to inform engaged stakeholders and the public on complex policy matters. 

Marcy holds a graduate degree in Geography from the University of Toronto, is a published author, and volunteers her time at organizations that create positive impact and change. She sits on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Urban Institute. 


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