Webcast streaming status: OK ✅

There are no technical issues with the web stream at this time and it is operating as it should be. Please read below to help troubleshoot your issue. We recommend using Google Chrome on a laptop or desktop computer. If you find you are having issues with other browsers or devices, please try using Google Chrome on a laptop or desktop computer.


Problems Logging in to Watch?

I can’t remember the URL to go to.

I can’t remember/find my access code.
Please check your email inbox and junk folders. The code was emailed to the email address you provided at purchase, last week, and again yesterday. If you can't find it, click here and we'll send it to you again.

I can’t remember the email address I registered with.
Email us at info@landproconference.com or call the LandPRO hotline support number at (647) 559-9399 and we’ll help you out. You will need to know the name or order number of your completed order.


Problems While Watching?

We have included some solutions and basic trouble shooting below. If you require further assistance please contact your internal technical support team.

Video stopped playing.
Try refreshing your browser window.

There is no video appearing at all.
Please contact your technical support department and tell them you’re trying to watch a webcast live stream.

I can’t hear any audio.
Try visiting YouTube and watching a video. Do you hear audio there? No? Something is wrong with your computer. Do you have headphones? Volume up? Please contact your technical support department if you continue to have issues.

Video is slow or buffering or quality is low.
Your internet connection is not fast enough to support the high quality version of the video. You will see the same issues watching any sort of video content online. Your technical support team may be able to help.


Still Stuck?

If the streaming status at the top of the page is OK, that means the stream is working. We strongly recommend that you contact your technical support team.